e-Safe -Electronic Archive Solution

electronic safe
Digital Archive Solution

Due to the rapidly growing information produced by mankind on daily basis, conventional method of safeguarding historic documents has resulted in problems in the areas of storage & retrieval, authenticity and security. This exposes documents to damage or loss as a result of, unfavorable environmental conditions or unauthorized manipulations. Though the conventional method works, but where there is less volume of documents. However, it is a tedious task when dealing with enormous amount of documents. This inspired the design of e-Safe.

e-Safe is an electronic file cabinet; software-as-a-service that mirrors conventional file management system, in a structured and easily accessible manner, from the comfort of user’s domain, 24/7. This makes the operational workload of voluminous and cumbersome documents much easier, efficient and faster to manage. It serves a backup or replacement for conventional file cabinet system.

 e-Safe is positioned to deliver a structured, more accurate and reliable way to preserve documents, providing a fallback measure in case of accidental loss.

Key Features

  • Saves physical space, time and cost, while increasing productivity.
  • Deserter-recovery measure, in case of accidental physical documents loss.
  • Easy documents accessibility anywhere, anytime.
  • Limitless documents storage capacity.
  • Supports paperless office.
  • Near zero initial hardware and system maintenance outlay

e-Safe application areas include, but not limited to:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions: – Loan applications, contracts and invoices, mortgage documents, title, and other supporting documents of financial instruments.
  • Tribunals
  • HR Departments.
  • Marriage Registries: – Marriage certificates and registers.
  • Healthcare Institutions: – Medical records.
  • Ministry of Lands: – Title documents, Survey plans etc.
  • Educational Institutions: – Certificates, Transcripts, Statement of Results etc.
  • Manufacturing: -Sales order, invoices, shipping documents etc.
  • AGM Reports
  • Media Houses

 e-Safe professional services team will support you throughout the stages of implementation, from analysis and design of metadata to validation processes. We believe in a phased approach, allowing us to first evaluate and document users’ requirements of the project in the abstract, and then future phases of implementing and testing the solution.

The first phase of the implementation project will focus on gaining thorough understanding of the scope of the project based on consistent two-way communication (written and verbal). This will require a great deal of input from the users/ clients.